Consumables for


  • Glass Prism
    Prisms are available for measurement in liquid or in air. They are mounted to holder for easy exchange. One surface is mirrored. Price on request.
  • Gold coated glass slides
    The dimensions are 20 x 20 mm, the total thickness is 1 mm. The glass slides are coated on the top by a very thin homogeneous layer of gold. This gold coated glass sides can be used for various applications like SERS, AFM, STM, SEM, FT-IR or for any other surface chemistry related technique.
    One package contains 60 slides. Price on request.
  • Measurement cells
    The cells are made from transparent plastics, compatible for measurement with biological samples, stable in aquaeous solutions in the range of pH 3 to 11. The cells have two channels, with inlet and outlet connected to silicon tubes. Special cells with electrode contact are available. Price on request.